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Berit Simonsen was born and raised in Denmark. She left for France when she was 19 and instantly fell in love with this beautiful country and the French way of living (savoir-vivre). She’s been living in France ever since…

More than 10 years teaching English in Public Education brought out the natural fulfilment that she finds in sharing information, the pleasure of helping people to learn … and constantly educating herself.

Of course, living in Bordeaux it quickly became obvious that she should work in the wine business and focus on a passion she had enjoyed for a long time. She studied and went to wine school after work at night. For over five years she worked in a number of Bordeaux’s most famous châteaux in the three major wine districts: Saint-Julien (Medoc), Saint-Emilion/Pomerol and Graves before starting to accompany visitors to the different vineyards. She found her true calling here.

The Inside Track

Today, Berit has the inside track to many of the gems of Bordeaux wine country, both big and small properties. She has plenty of knowledge and fun facts about wine, combined with a friendly and “down-to-earth”-style that puts everybody at ease

She couldn’t think of a better combination: châteaux, vineyards, winemaking, wine tastings, meeting people from all over the world, communication, sharing knowledge and opportunities, and providing people with a wonderful experience…

Berit Simonsen
  • Berit had a pedagogical, professional yet very kind approach that everyone in the family liked. We’ve been recommending her to everyone ever since…
  • To our deep regret, we weren’t able to hold on to Berit in the Wine Tourism Team of Chateau Carbonnieux. We were so fond of her professionalism, adaptability and language skills.
  • Berit was part of our Wine Tourism Team in Chateau Gruaud Larose for four years. Our clients were always touched by her sensitivity and her grace, without her ever taking herself seriously.
  • In a few words, Berit stands for sharing, humour - in French and in English – knowledge, sincerity, enthusiasm for wine and gastronomy, spontaneity, corporate culture, passion and communication. You absolutely want to book her as a guide to discover the chateaus in Bordeaux!
  • Lots of fun and approachable information. We just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Berit gave us a wonderful experience. Highly recommendable.
  • We spent two extraordinary days with Berit in the chateaux. Thanks for everything, really!
  • Firstly, ask for Berit Simonsen. She was an amazing guide with so much knowledge of the region, wines and Chateaus.
  • We have been on many, many wine tours, all over the world, and quite frankly, we thought we had seen it all. But Berit managed to keep us alert and amused. One of our best tours ever. What an achievement!”

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