Bordeaux wine tours
The Vineyards
and the Bay of Arcachon

Private, guided tours in the vineyards of Bordeaux

The famous Bordeaux wine region may be small on a world scale, but zoom in on the map and you’ll realise that there’s so much going on within its borders.

The area is subdivided into 60 bigger and smaller appellations (wine districts), each with their own soil, micro-climate and strict rules of production. Nearly 10,000 chateaux produce wine here.

Some are spectacular, prestigious estates creating world-famous, very expensive wines. Some are small, family-owned properties. There’s a common underlying factor though: their commitment to making the best possible wine with the means and natural resources they have at their disposal.

Allow me to guide you…

Some aren’t open for tours and tastings. Some don’t accommodate visitors just dropping in. Some are well established when it comes to wine tourism and offer fun experiences besides the usual tour and tasting. Still others are so famous that you need to contact them far in advance – or know them personally - to arrange to step over their hallowed entrance.

Which appellations, chateaux and wines to prioritise when in Bordeaux for just a couple of days? When is it best to go? How much time is necessary in each wine district? Is there time to see them all? Is the level of information adapted to us? Where to get tasty, local food? How to get back and forth from the vineyards?

If you’re asking yourself some of these questions, you’ll be glad to leave it all up to an experienced, local guide…

  • Lots of fun and approachable information. We just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Berit gave us a wonderful experience. Highly recommendable.
  • To our deep regret, we weren’t able to hold on to Berit in the Wine Tourism Team of Chateau Carbonnieux. We were so fond of her professionalism, adaptability and language skills.
  • Berit had a pedagogical, professional yet very kind approach that everyone in the family liked. We’ve been recommending her to everyone ever since…
  • Firstly, ask for Berit Simonsen. She was an amazing guide with so much knowledge of the region, wines and Chateaus.
  • In a few words, Berit stands for sharing, humour - in French and in English – knowledge, sincerity, enthusiasm for wine and gastronomy, spontaneity, corporate culture, passion and communication. You absolutely want to book her as a guide to discover the chateaus in Bordeaux!
  • We spent two extraordinary days with Berit in the chateaux. Thanks for everything, really!
  • Berit was part of our Wine Tourism Team in Chateau Gruaud Larose for four years. Our clients were always touched by her sensitivity and her grace, without her ever taking herself seriously.
  • We have been on many, many wine tours, all over the world, and quite frankly, we thought we had seen it all. But Berit managed to keep us alert and amused. One of our best tours ever. What an achievement!”

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